Master Bath Remodel – Bathtub Phase

Master Bath - Tub Header

Somehow every single bathroom in the house had been remodeled before our master bathroom.  I am not sure how that happened, but it was time to fix it.  Because this is such a big job and I seem to have less and less time to work on the house lately… I decided to break this into “phases”.  Here are the main features:

  • New tile everywhere!
  • Create an arch above the shower
  • Add niches in the shower
  • New frameless shower door
  • Add heated floors
  • New vanity cabinets
  • New Granite countertop
  • New sinks (the faucets and shower hardware had been replaced shortly after we moved in)
  • Mantles above the fireplace (both inside and outside the bathroom)
  • Stone surrounding the fireplace (both inside and outside the bathroom)

And here are the phases I chose to break the project into:

This is a very lovely photo of the bath tub in the master bathroom that I took before we moved in.  These pictures were actually taken even before we bought the house.

Master Bath - Before 4
Since moving in, we have done some painting and replaced bathroom hardware.  I couldn’t believe that my wife wanted the beautiful wall paper by the bathtub taken down!  This was my actual starting point.

Master Bath - Tub Starting Point

I chose to start this whole remodel by tiling the bathtub area.  It was the lowest hanging fruit and would have the least impact on our continued use of the bathroom.  The first step was to start tearing out the existing 4″ white tile.  Fortunately/Unfortunately, it was really easy.  The original tile installer used regular drywall as the substrate!  It made it easy to rip out the tile but any water under that tile would have ruined it.

Master Bath - Tub Tile Tearout

I used a combination of wonder board and cement board as the substrate.  The only reason I mixed substrates was because I needed 1/2″ cement board for the wall area (same thickness as the drywall) and wanted to keep the height of the tub deck as low as possible using 1/4″ wonder board.  I then painted all the surfaces with RedGard to keep any moisture from getting underneath.

Master Bath - Tub Cement Board

I wish I had a picture of the bathtub painted in the blazing pink/red of RedGard, but I forgot to take one.  If you are interested… this is what RedGard looks like after it has cured (from one of my other bathroom remodels).

Master Bath - Tub RedGardThe tiling was pretty straight forward.  We chose some tile that we found at Lowes that had a “slate” look to it without the upkeep of actual slate.  For the tub area, we used a 12″ tile along with the matching bullnose.

Master Bath - Tub Final

Master Bath - Tub Final CloseThis part of the entire bathroom remodel was by far the easiest and fastest.  After getting this done, it was time to move on to phase 2… the shower.

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