About_Family 2014

I am the father of 3 young kids and husband to a fantastic wife.  We live in Colorado and spend a lot of time just running the family.  School, Pre-School, Basketball, Gymnastics, Dance, Cub Scouts and who knows how many other activities keep us very busy.  My “day job” is management of the infrastructure for a small but growing company.  I am mostly a software developer by trade, but manage IT (Network), Facilities, Safety, Government Security and Software Development (We build, use and sell our own business management system) .  It is kind of a weird job to have with managing many seemingly unrelated areas, but keeps me on my toes and I really enjoy it.

I grew up in Colorado doing and making all sorts of things and it seems to never have gone away.  My dad had a wood shop in the basement, and that is where I first began to love doing and making things myself.  I love doing stuff myself, mostly because I like the challenge.  But I also like things done the right way.  That being said… I think the term “DIY” has been turned into a term only used for stuff you do to, or put in your house.  To me, DIY includes much much more.  With this space I hope to write about the things I enjoy doing myself including cooking, brewing beer, fun projects and of course… house stuff.


I have always loved “building things”.  As I was growing up, I was lucky enough to have someone take me under their wing and teach me everything there is to know about building and maintaining a house.  I started working on construction sites at 13 years old, and despite having a desk job now… I have never really stopped “constructing”.

It seems like I am constantly working on our house in Colorado.  We bought a new house a couple years ago that needed a fair amount of TLC and I spent six weeks working on the house during the nights and weekends to get it move-in ready.  My wife recently commented “I don’t think there is a square inch of this house that you haven’t done something to”.  I think she may be right.  I have done a lot of work so far, but we have big plans for this place and I plan on writing about the bigger projects as well as all the little fix-it type projects I do.  Hopefully all the writing and picture taking will not slow down my projects too much.


I am no chef, but I definately appreciate the “art” in cooking.  In our house, I make the “fancy” meals.  “Fancy” meals are NOT limited to steaks on the grill.  I really enjoy making up my own pasta recipes, smoking meat (ribs are a favorite at my house) and trying to DIY a meal that we really enjoyed at a restraunt.  Cooking became exciting for me after I got tired of microwave burritos and pizza in college.  My Godmother gave me a recipe box full of her recipes and I decided to give it a shot.  It turned out that I could actually MAKE food that tasted good!  Ever since then, I have loved cooking and get a lot of satisfaction feeding the family with a great meal.

Beer Brewing

This is a new hobby for me, but it has really caught my interest.  Why buy beer from the liquor/grocery store when you can make AWESOME beer and have fun doing it?  Being the DIY person that I am…. I built most of my beer brewing setup and have cranked out some really good beers.  My wife loves the hefeweizen I make and this new hobby of mine has even convinced her to try and like some other kinds of beer (IPA comes to mind).

Fun Projects

I end up doing a lot of little fun projects.  Much of these are kid related (but not all).  I dabble a bit in photography.  I have made a few furniture pieces.  Pinewood derby cars are really fun to make!  If I am doing something just for fun that is worth while… I will write about it.


Thanks to our friend Miriam Jenson for the family photo above.  She is a pro and you can see her work here or on Facebook.

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