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House Maintenance: Cleaning the Dryer Lint Trap

Lint Trap - Before And After

I started keeping a Google Calendar with all my house maintenance items a while back.  Frankly, most of my short-term memory is stored on my phone, so keeping a maintenance calendar just makes sense.  I also have it set up to send me an email when items need to be done, so I don’t even need to remember to check the calendar!  I have events set up for things like:

  • changing the furnace filter
  • replacing perishable items in our emergency bags
  • cleaning the vacuum filters
  • lawn fertilizer schedule
  • and the list keeps growing and growing….

One of the items on my calendar is to clean the lint trap in our dryer every 3 months.  I am not talking about removing the lint (that happens with every load), I am talking about scrubbing that sucker down.  The reason I do this is because I came across some information about how dryer sheets leave a coating on the lint trap that restricts air flow.  Restricted air flow will cause extended drying times and eventually will lead to a damaged or broken dryer.  In our 5 family member house, a broken dryer would probably cause a family disaster and the national guard would have to be called in.  I thought I would share some before and after pictures of our lint trap to illustrate the affect dryer sheets have on the air flow through your dryer.

[Seriously… what is more exciting than seeing before and after lint trap pictures?]

Here is the lint trap before I have scrubbed it with soap and water.

Lint Trap - Before

Notice the pool of water forming. You would think water would easily pass through a screen, but it doesn’t. All the lint has been removed and the water still can’t pass through the screen!

Here is the lint trap after I scrubbed it with soap and water.  I just used a scrubbing pad and some dish soap.

Lint Trap - After

No water pooling up, and the air will be free to pass through the screen.

Pretty drastic huh?  It only takes a couple of minutes and the only problem is finding a 24 hour period when the dryer is not needed (which is harder than you may think) so that the lint trap can dry.

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